Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Fillers

Facial fillers are among the most popular cosmetic treatments to restore facial volume, soften wrinkles, and plump the lips. One of the benefits of fillers is that they’re not permanent, making them a wonderful option for patients who don’t want to commit to cosmetic surgery. 

However, many patients aim to keep their fillers for as long as possible. With fewer follow-up appointments, you’ll have more time back in your schedule (and money back in your pocket!). 

Read on for our top tips to extend the lifespan of your Tampa facial fillers.  (more…)

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Why Volume Loss in the Cheeks Makes You Look Older

Volume loss is a common sign of aging, but it can impact people earlier in adulthood, too. No matter when it occurs, facial volume loss can create an aged appearance. 

Understanding volume loss in the cheeks can help you slow the onset of skin aging and find aesthetic treatments in Tampa to suit your needs. 

What Causes Volume Loss in the Cheeks?

Over time, the skin produces less collagen and elastin. These proteins give the skin strength, structure, and elasticity. Diminishing collagen and elastin levels typically cause lost volume in the cheeks and under-eye area.  (more…)

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Can truSculpt iD Tighten Loose Skin?

As an incredible FDA-approved technology, truSculpt iD is the successor of truSculpt 3D. Meant to target stubborn areas that are resistant to fat loss through exercise, truSculpt iD uses focused and localized 15-minute treatments that kill fat cells and tighten loose skin.

How Does truSculpt iD Work?

truSculpt iD delivers deep radiofrequency to a specific part of the body to cause cell death, reducing the number of fat cells in the area. Over the following 12 to 16 weeks, the damaged fat cells will be naturally removed from the body, resulting in a more sleek and toned appearance.

How Does truSculpt iD Tighten Skin?

Most fat cell reduction therapies use cooling technology to freeze and destroy fat cells. However, truSculpt iD uses heat, which allows this technology to offer the additional benefit of skin tightening.

During treatment, patients will feel a warm sensation. Most patients find this to be relaxing. As heat builds up in the skin, that heat provides immediate plumping that fills in fine lines and tightens the skin for a more contoured look.


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How Can truSculpt Flex Tone and Sculpt Muscles?

As the first technology of its kind, truSculpt Flex is an FDA-approved treatment that focuses on muscle enhancement through a direct stimulation technique. 

While the stimulation contracts muscle similarly to how a workout can, truSculpt flex gives people an edge by targeting hard-to-reach muscles in the buttocks, legs, and abs (like those ever-elusive lower abs). The overall goals of the treatment are to tone, sculpt, and define.

How Does truSculpt Flex Work?

truSculpt Flex works in three stages. Each stage treats the muscle differently.

Stage one is the “Preparation” stage. At this point, the machine is stretching the muscle, preparing it to take on a new, more toned shape.

Stage two is the “Toning” stage. truSculpt Flex will use electric muscle stimulation to twist and define the body’s muscles to reach desired shapeliness.

The final stage is the “Sculpting” stage. This stage consists of muscle contractions, which essentially provide a highly targeted workout. 

Unlike its predecessors, truSculpt flex allows for nearly 100% energy delivery, making its treatments much more efficient and far more customizable than ever before.


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