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Act your age? Sometimes. Look your age? Never! At Florida Face and Body in Tampa, we tailor treatments to your needs so you can be wrinkle and frown line free.  Frown lines are the lines in our face that worsen with facial movement like squinting. For the furrows that are there when we have no expression see our section on fillers or CO2 laser or fat transfer.

Dr. Mahootchi did his first BOTOX injection in 1993. There is an art and science to BOTOX. We do things differently here. We use numbing cream for a more comfortable experience.  Our advanced understanding of BOTOX helps us avoid the lack of durable effect seen at many spas. We use micro-dosing in more areas to give better smoothing. But first the basics:

BOTOX is one of the most common cosmetic treatments available today for signs of skin aging, including frown lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines. Repeated muscle activity in the face, including raising the eyebrows, squinting, and frowning, is one of the causes of wrinkles with age. The skin folds and furrows with these movements, leading to wrinkle development. BOTOX strategically keeps the muscles from overacting and producing dynamic wrinkles.

Top Benefits of BOTOX

Best Candidates for Facial BOTOX

  • Wrinkles caused by repeated muscle activity
  • Younger adults who wish to prevent wrinkles in their face
  • Crow’s feet
  • Gummy smile

The most popular areas treated are

Areas only for experts like Tampa’s Dr. Mahootchi

Procedure Details

BOTOX treatment can be completed in only 10 minutes, and no downtime is required afterward. You’ll be able to see an improvement in facial lines one to two days after treatment, and the results last for up to three months initially but much longer when the first few treatments are done as scheduled.

Dr. Mahootchi and staff perform BOTOX treatments in our office. This quick, effective treatment for signs of skin aging typically allows for no downtime, but we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions for your particular circumstances. 

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    *Disclaimer:* Actual results vary from patient to patient. Not everyone is a candidate for the desired procedure. Surgery is a serious decision with risks that need to be discussed with a doctor.