Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age, is not!

The middle area of the face, mainly the cheeks and the lower eyelid area, are often the most affected by the aging process This device does many things depending on your needs. If your skin tone, lower eye bags, jowls or even fat under the chin are bothersome but you don’t want a major surgery, Agnes maybe for you. If you have stubborn fat tissue in the chin, jowls, and underneath the eyes, Agnes RF may be an effective treatment option for you.

Agnes RF, allows you to go below the surface of the skin to either tighten things or reduce fat pockets. Agnes has some immediate effect, but the real differences come in the next 2-6 months.

Agnes generates targeted heating, which stimulates collagen production in the skin or fat reduction depending on the settings. In addition to encouraging the production of new collagen, Agnes RF alters the position of existing collagen in the skin. This causes the skin to tighten and firm up for a more youthful appearance.

AGNES Precision RF is a unique nonsurgical radiofrequency device that can sculpt the face, and deliver firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin. AGNES RF stimulates the production of collagen and elastin providing long-lasting and unmatched results.

Top Benefits of Agnes RF™

Best Candidates for Agnes RF™

  • Stubborn fat under the eyes
  • Double chin
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Jowls that make you look mad
  • Wrinkles

Procedure Details

Dr. Mahootchi and staff perform Agnes RF™ treatment in our office and at our advanced surgery center in The Tampa Bay area. The best results of Agnes RF™ treatment are usually visible a few months after the treatment, when the body’s immune system have completely eliminated the excess fat cells and additional collagen has been produced.

What Our Clients Say

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    *Disclaimer:* Actual results vary from patient to patient. Not everyone is a candidate for the desired procedure. Surgery is a serious decision with risks that need to be discussed with a doctor.