Get the Eyes You’ve Always Wanted with Canthopexy

As the old adage goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. But, what if you’re unsatisfied with your eyes’ appearance?

Thankfully, you can get the eyes you’ve always wanted with canthopexy in Tampa. This aesthetic treatment can renew your appearance by giving the corners of the eyes an upward tilt. After canthopexy, our patients love that their eyes look refreshed and youthful. It‘s a permanent version of what many try to do with makeup–make the outer corners of the eye ever so slightly slant up higher than the nose side corner. It is super popular in the Middle East and gives the lids a less plain and more exotic look.

Often canthopexy is called “Cat Eyed Surgery” because does give beauty seen in the eyes of those natural creatures. They also can reduce the “bug-eye” look that some can get if you see too much white of the lower part of the eyeball. 

Why Do My Eyes Look Tired?

A downward tilt at the corners of the eyes, called a negative canthal angle tilt, can make your eyes look tired or sad. This tilt can result from:

  • The natural aging process
  • Sun damage
  • Genetics ( think Down’s Syndrome eye but more subtle for most)
  • Lifestyle factors, like smoking or a poor diet

The lateral canthal tendon (located at the outer corner of the eye) supports the lower lids, keeping them from drooping. If this tendon stretches or degenerates from the factors listed above, it causes the eyes to droop downward. Drooping and aging lids are two common aesthetic concerns Dr. Mahootchi treats in Tampa Bay. 

What is Canthopexy?

During canthopexy, your Tampa aesthetic lid surgeon will strengthen and stabilize the lateral canthal tendon and surrounding inner structures of the lower eyelid. This process transforms the appearance of the eyes by making them appear restful and rejuvenated with a positive canthal angle tilt. 

The procedure is often combined with a lower lid blepharoplasty but can be performed “solo”

Tampa Bay canthopexy can give you the eyes you’ve always wanted by:

  • Resolving and preventing lower lid drooping
  • Enhancing the lower lids’ strength and muscle tone
  • Creating an attractive “cat-eyed” appearance
  • Correcting a retracted lower lid after a previous lower blepharoplasty

At Florida Face & Body, Dr. Mahootchi performs canthopexy in our state-of-the-art Tampa Bay area surgical center. He’ll provide a detailed aftercare plan, though canthopexy typically has a short recovery period. 

It’s time to start loving your eyes’ appearance. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation for Tampa Bay canthopexy!