Say Bye, Bye to Turkey Neck with These Treatments

Do you long for a smooth, elegant neck? This feature is highly sought after, but aging, sun damage, and genetics can get in the way. 

Whether you call it a turkey neck, jowls, or a double chin, sagging skin on the neck can be frustrating. Thankfully, with the latest aesthetic treatments in Tampa Bay, we can help you say bye to turkey neck for good. 

What Causes a Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck results from weakening neck muscles and lost skin elasticity. These are both common signs of aging, but genetics, sun damage, smoking, and “tech neck” (frequently looking down at your device) can cause a turkey neck earlier in life. 

Tampa Bay Turkey Neck Treatments

With the most recent advancements in aesthetic medicine, you can get rid of your turkey neck in Tampa without undergoing major surgery. At Florida Face & Body, we offer the following innovative solutions to tighten, tone, and rejuvenate the neck:


VASERlipo involves inserting ultrasound probes into the skin through a small incision, which gently breaks up fatty tissue in the area. Then, a cannula is used to vacuum out to fatty tissue, creating a slimmer, contoured neckline. This offers an immediate improvement in the neck’s appearance. 

Along with removing stubborn fat cells in the neck, the ultrasound waves used in VASERlipo stimulate collagen production. Collagen tightens, smoothes, and rejuvenates the skin. 


Renuvion is an intraoperative skin tightening procedure. The Renuvion device delivers plasma and radiofrequency energy beneath the soft tissue of the skin, dramatically tightening the skin. It can be combined with VASERlipo to reap the benefits of both procedures. 

If you’re ready to say bye, bye to a turkey neck in Tampa Bay, reach out to our team today for an appointment. Dr. Mahootchi can determine the best treatment plan for your needs.