Get Summer Ready with These Treatments

With summer around the corner, many people are looking for ways to achieve a slimmer and/or more sculpted physique. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to achieve your ideal physique with diet and exercise alone. To get rid of the stubborn fat that’s holding you back from your best summer body, you may want to consider the aesthetic treatments available here at Florida Face and Body. 


VASERLipo® uses ultrasound energy to break up stubborn fat before vacuuming it away through a cannula. It’s a gentler, more precise method of liposuction that allows for a shorter recovery period when compared to traditional liposuction. 

With VASERLipo®, we have the capability to sculpt in hi-definition, providing the slim, toned appearance that you desire. Ideal for stubborn fat in the jowls, chin, neck, abs, hips, love handles, breasts, arms, back, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, or ankles, VASERLipo® is an excellent choice of treatment leading into summer. 

Renuvion J-Plasma®

Renuvion J-Plasma® is a fantastic addition to VASERLipo®. It works using helium plasma and radiofrequency energy to dramatically tighten the skin. This makes the skin form to the new, slimmer area of the body, providing a more contoured look. 

Fat Transfer

Are you looking for a way to achieve sexy curves for the swimsuit season? If so, fat transfer could be an ideal solution. In fat transfer, fat is taken from one area of the body (somewhere you don’t want it), purified, then injected into an area in which you want more volume — whether it be the breasts, buttocks, hands, or even areas of the face that have experienced volume loss due to aging. 

The fat transfer procedure involves very small incisions, and no foreign implants or chemicals are used. The fat is also purified and adjusted so that it provides the bounce, volume, and relative softness needed for the area to which it’ll be added. 

If you’re interested in aesthetic treatments to achieve the summer look of your dreams, contact Florida Face and Body today at (813) 640-0085  to schedule an appointment.