How Injections At Florida Face & Body Can Contour Your Profile

Over time, the natural aging process may rob your profile of its definition. The skin gradually loses structure, while fat pads shrink and shift downward. While aging affects all of us Floridians, it’s now possible to contour your profile with a few simple injections!

Aesthetic injectables are quick, convenient, and effective, making them one of Tampa’s most popular cosmetic treatments. In this article, we’ll explore how they can be used to define and rejuvenate your appearance for a more youthful profile. 

Contouring the Cheeks with Injections

With age, the cheeks can take on a gaunt appearance as collagen production decreases and fat tissue sinks downward. Intense sunshine in Zephyrhills and throughout Tampa Bay can accelerate this problem by causing premature skin aging from UV radiation.

Hyaluronic acid injections (also known as facial fillers) can address this sign of aging by giving the cheeks a plump, lifted appearance. Hyaluronic acid replaces lost volume while giving the skin a supple look. 

Sculptra is another type of injection that can contour the cheeks. It contains poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, a substance that the muscles naturally produce after exercise. When it’s injected into the skin, PLLA stimulates collagen production to lift and smooth the skin. 

Defining the Jawline with Injections 

When many people think of an ideal profile, they picture a sharp jawline. Injections can help you achieve this feature by tightening sagging skin, restoring lost volume, and balancing the face. At Florida Face and Body in Tampa, Dr. Mahootchi will work with you to sculpt the jawline and achieve your desired appearance. 

Injections for Plumper Lips in Tampa Bay

The lips tend to thin with age, which can flatten your profile. Lip injections are a simple way to volumize the lips to restore your profile’s balance. They’re also one of Tampa Bay’s most sought-after aesthetic treatments due to their convenience and noticeable results. 

Most lip injections used across Florida, including Juvederm Volbella, Restylane Kysse, and Restylane Silk, contain hyaluronic acid to restore lip volume, structure, and hydration. For more information about contouring your profile with injections in the Zephyrhills and Tampa Bay area, schedule a consultation with us today!