What Age Should I Start Getting Preventative BOTOX® ?

Preventative BOTOX floridaBOTOX® is a neurotoxin that has long been used to rejuvenate the face. This time-tested injectable treatment reduces facial wrinkles and folds by inhibiting facial muscle activity.

BOTOX® was first developed to help older patients achieve a younger look. But, now, younger patients are opting for preventative Botox treatments to be proactive about their cosmetic goals. 

Preventative BOTOX® To Maintain Smooth Skin 

Repeated muscle activity in the face contributes to the development of wrinkles with age. When the muscles in the face engage, they can produce dynamic wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar (forehead) lines. 

In older patients, BOTOX® can reduce the appearance of these lines by relaxing the facial muscles, which prevents them from engaging and creasing the skin. Preventative BOTOX®, however, is administered to younger patients and works by stopping the formation of wrinkles in the first place. By preventing overactivity of the facial muscles at a younger age, you can keep your skin smoother for longer and slow down the aging process.  

When To Start Preventative Botox

While BOTOX® injections are approved for patients aged 18 and older, preventative BOTOX® isn’t generally needed until patients are in their mid-to-late 20s or early 30s. At these ages, people typically start to see the first signs of fine lines in the skin. At this point, Dr. Mahootchi at Florida Face and Body can identify the areas in which you may develop wrinkles and administer Botox injections accordingly. We use micro-dosing in multiple areas of the face to more effectively keep the skin smooth. 

Preventative BOTOX® allows patients to maintain a rested, youthful appearance from young adulthood into their later years. If you’re interested in this cosmetic treatment, contact Florida Face and Body today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Mahootchi has been administering BOTOX® since 1993 and will ensure that your preventative BOTOX®  treatment achieves the desired results.