Get Tank Top Ready Arms with VASERLipo

Are loose, sagging upper arms keeping you from wearing your favorite tank tops? With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to nix that insecurity with a little help from VASERlipo. Unlike conventional liposuction, VASERLipo is a gentle method of fat reduction with ultrasound technology. 

Let’s learn more about VASERLipo and how it can help you achieve toned, sexy, and summer-ready arms. 

How Does VASERLipo Work?

VASERLipo uses ultrasound technology to sculpt and shape various areas of the body, including the arms. It provides an instant improvement to the treatment area and long-lasting results. 

During the procedure, a saline solution combined with an anesthetic is injected into the treatment area. Next, ultrasound probes are inserted into the skin through a minor incision. The ultrasound technology breaks up the fatty tissue, making it easier to vacuum it out with a cannula. 

What Are The Benefits of VASERLipo?


VASERLipo is a highly precise procedure, making it a great option for areas of the body that require targeted contouring, like the arms. Since it sculpts in high-definition, this advanced treatment reveals the toned muscle that’s hidden beneath a layer of stubborn fat. 

Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

You’ll notice an improvement in the appearance of the targeted area immediately after VASERLipo. Since the treatment vacuums away the stubborn fat, the results are long-lasting. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, the targeted area should remain tight and contoured for a long time to come.  

Fast Recovery

Since VASERLipo is a gentle procedure, it allows for a fast recovery period. Most patients experience only minimal bruising and mild discomfort. Since the procedure involves less trauma to the targeted tissue than conventional liposuction, it allows for a quicker recovery. 

At Florida Face and Body, we’re thrilled to offer VASERLipo as a highly effective body contouring solution. Contact us today to learn more!