How Can truSculpt Flex Tone and Sculpt Muscles?

As the first technology of its kind, truSculpt Flex is an FDA-approved treatment that focuses on muscle enhancement through a direct stimulation technique. 

While the stimulation contracts muscle similarly to how a workout can, truSculpt flex gives people an edge by targeting hard-to-reach muscles in the buttocks, legs, and abs (like those ever-elusive lower abs). The overall goals of the treatment are to tone, sculpt, and define.

How Does truSculpt Flex Work?

truSculpt Flex works in three stages. Each stage treats the muscle differently.

Stage one is the “Preparation” stage. At this point, the machine is stretching the muscle, preparing it to take on a new, more toned shape.

Stage two is the “Toning” stage. truSculpt Flex will use electric muscle stimulation to twist and define the body’s muscles to reach desired shapeliness.

The final stage is the “Sculpting” stage. This stage consists of muscle contractions, which essentially provide a highly targeted workout. 

Unlike its predecessors, truSculpt flex allows for nearly 100% energy delivery, making its treatments much more efficient and far more customizable than ever before.

What Results Can Someone Expect from truSculpt Flex?

In general, stimulated muscles see a 30-33% increase in muscle density. The body will look “tighter,” and muscles will appear more defined.

Best results are usually seen after four sessions or about two to three weeks. Two sessions per week are usually recommended for these initial sessions. After this time, quarterly maintenance sessions are advised.

People who receive truSculpt might feel a bit of post-workout soreness. However, there is no required downtime and no pain.

Can truSculpt Flex Be Used to Burn Fat?

While the muscles are contracting during a truSculpt Flex session — and therefore burning calories — it’s not a treatment meant for targeting and shrinking fat cells.

Who is a Good Candidate for truSculpt Flex?

The best candidates for this therapy are people who are already dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. They exercise regularly and don’t have much excess fat. Excess fat above the muscle makes muscle stimulation through a stimulation treatment much more difficult, and therefore less effective.

However, despite a commitment to health, most people seeking truSculpt do so because they haven’t been able to achieve their aesthetic goals through diet and exercise alone.

It’s also a great option for people who are recovering from surgery, after fat grafting, or after high-def liposuction.

Try truSculpt Flex for Yourself

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