Get Youthful Eyes Again with Canthopexy

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This may be true, but they can also show signs of aging that diminish your youthful appearance. One such sign of aging is a negative canthal angle tilt. This means that the corners of the eyes tilt downward in relation to the nose side corner. 

Canthopexy is a procedure that can correct a negative canthal angle tilt and dramatically rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of canthopexy for aging eyes.  

What Causes a Negative Canthal Angle Tilt?

Before diving into the canthopexy procedure, let’s go over the typical cause of a negative canthal angle tilt. 

While this aesthetic concern can be genetic, it’s most often caused by a stretched lateral canthal tendon. This tendon is located at the outer corner of the eye and supports the lower eyelid. A strong, healthy lateral canthal tendon will prevent the lower eyelids from drooping.  (more…)

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How CO2 Laser Helps to Revitalize Your Eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first to reveal your age. It’s thinner and more vulnerable to damage than the skin on the rest of your face, making crow’s feet and under-eye circles some of the most common signs of aging. 

The CO2 laser is a safe, treatment option that can rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, including the skin around your eyes. This article discusses how this popular aesthetic treatment can turn back the clock on your eyes. 

What is The CO2 Laser?

The CO2 laser is an ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment that uses light energy to heal and rejuvenate the skin. The water in skin cells absorbs light energy from the laser, which gently heats the middle layer of the skin. This process stimulates fibroblasts and collagen production in the skin while allowing new skin cells to reach the surface.  (more…)

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How Botox Can Give You a Beautiful Jawline

Most people think of Botox as a solution for crow’s feet, forehead creases, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the mouth. But, this versatile injectable has several other functions, one of which is improving the appearance of the jawline. 

What is Botox?

Botox contains botulinum toxin type A, which is a neurotoxin that blocks chemical signals that cause muscle contractions in a small area. When it’s injected into areas of the face, it prevents facial muscle contractions that cause the skin to crease and fold, leading to smoother, younger-looking skin. 

How Does Botox Work For The Jawline?

The masseter muscle in the jawline can contribute to a bulky or square jawline. This muscle engages when you chew and clench your teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, you may be more likely to develop a bulky masseter muscle.  (more…)

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Get Perfect Buttocks with Sculptra

A firm, voluminous backside is a sought-after physical attribute among people today. But, whether due to genetics or the aging process, many of us don’t have it naturally. 

Thankfully, with the broad selection of non-invasive cosmetic treatments available today, patients no longer have to go under the knife for a butt lift. Sculptra is an injectable treatment that can enhance your curves without scarring or the need for downtime. 

How Does Sculptra Work?

The active ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. It’s a chemical that works as a collagen stimulator, helping your skin produce natural collagen to volumize and smooth the skin.  (more…)

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How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

Botox has long been a popular cosmetic injectable. It’s used to smooth out moderate to severe facial lines and folds by blocking facial muscle contractions. 

If you’re interested in receiving Botox to rejuvenate your appearance, you may be wondering how many units of Botox you’ll need. We’ll explore this topic below to help you better understand what to expect from your Botox session. 

Determining The Right Number of Botox Units

The number of units of Botox that you’ll need will depend on the treatment location, your desired results, and your history with Botox. Additionally, some patients (including men, in particular) have stronger facial muscles than others and will require more units of Botox to attain their desired results.  (more…)

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Top Dermal Fillers Treatment Areas for Men

These days, men are becoming increasingly interested in cosmetic treatments. With numerous non-surgical treatment options available that provide subtle yet noticeable results, men can now conveniently enhance their appearances. 

Dermal fillers are one such treatment option that allows men to overcome wrinkles and lost facial volume due to aging.

Leading Treatment Areas For Fillers Among Men

Fillers can be injected into many areas of the face, but the most common treatment areas for men include: (more…)

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8 Tips to Make Botox Injections Last Longer

Botox is an injectable treatment that’s most commonly known for its anti-aging effects. Along with diminishing signs of aging, it has several alternative benefits due to its muscle-relaxing abilities. 

Our patients see excellent results with Botox treatment and often inquire about how to make the results last longer in between appointments. 

This article will discuss six tips to make Botox injections last longer so that you can receive the benefits of it throughout the year.

How to Make Botox Injections Last Longer

Generally, Botox injections produce an effect that lasts for three to six months. It’s eventually reabsorbed by the body, requiring another treatment session.  (more…)

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Secret Botox Benefits You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Botox treatment has gained popularity worldwide for its incredible ability to combat aging and rejuvenate your aesthetics. It blocks the signal that causes muscle contractions for about 3 months.

By blocking the signal to your facial muscles, Botox can relax these muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Along with reducing wrinkles, the skin can appear more firm and youthful with Botox

Although Botox is known for its aesthetic uses, there are several other alternative benefits that you can receive from Botox treatment. This article will discuss these benefits and why you should consider Botox. (more…)

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Bring Back the Youthful Volume to Your Face with Dermal Fillers

With age comes greater wisdom, intellect, and free time. But, unfortunately, age also robs our skin of its youthful volume. 

Thankfully, with dermal fillers, you don’t have to go under the knife to gain that facial volume back. In this article, we’ll explain how fillers can restore facial volume for a healthy, rejuvenated look. 

What Causes Volume Loss With Age?

In your youth, facial fat helps keep your skin plump and supple. Unfortunately, as we age, facial volume decreases due to fat loss. This tends to leave areas like the cheeks with a hollow appearance.  (more…)

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When Is the Best Age to Start Botox Treatments?

Botox is one of the most well-known anti-aging treatments around. It’s an injection that blocks muscle contractions in the face, leading to smoother, younger-looking skin. 

More and more, patients are undergoing Botox injections early in adulthood to prevent wrinkles before they form. But, when exactly is the right time to start Botox treatments? Below, we’ll explore the answer to this question to help you maintain supple, youthful skin.  (more…)

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