Get Youthful Eyes Again with Canthopexy

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This may be true, but they can also show signs of aging that diminish your youthful appearance. One such sign of aging is a negative canthal angle tilt. This means that the corners of the eyes tilt downward in relation to the nose side corner. 

Canthopexy is a procedure that can correct a negative canthal angle tilt and dramatically rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of canthopexy for aging eyes.  

What Causes a Negative Canthal Angle Tilt?

Before diving into the canthopexy procedure, let’s go over the typical cause of a negative canthal angle tilt. 

While this aesthetic concern can be genetic, it’s most often caused by a stretched lateral canthal tendon. This tendon is located at the outer corner of the eye and supports the lower eyelid. A strong, healthy lateral canthal tendon will prevent the lower eyelids from drooping. 

Unfortunately, the natural aging process often causes this tendon to become stretched out. As a result, the lower lids may droop and create a negative canthal angle tilt. 

What is Canthopexy?

During canthopexy, the lateral canthal tendon and surrounding internal structures of the lower eyelids are strengthened, tightened, and stabilized. This process raises the position of the outside corner of the eye, which creates a positive canthal angle tilt. 

In addition to creating a more youthful appearance of the eyes, canthopexy provides the following benefits:

  • Creates a conventionally attractive “cat eye” shape
  • Improves the field of vision for patients experiencing obstructed vision due to lower lid sagging
  • Improves the strength and muscle tone of the lower lid
  • Can be used to correct a sagging lower eyelid after a previous lower blepharoplasty

Dr. Mahootchi at Florida Face & Body offers canthopexy as a treatment option with a short recovery period for patients with a negative canthal angle tilt. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!