What You Need To Know About Face Contouring with AGNES RF

Agnes RF works by melting pockets of fat.

If you have stubborn fatty tissue in the chin, jowls, or underneath your eyes, Agnes RF may can help.

Agnes RF, allows you to go below the surface of the skin to either tighten things or reduce fat pockets.

AGNES RF is a cosmetic procedure used to contour the face. This slick treatment method helps patients achieve a tighter, more defined look without the need for incisional surgery.


AGNES RF uses radiofrequency energy to treat underneath the skin at various depths. The skin is numbed. A very thin needles is placed strategically in different layers of tissue—often right in a fat pocket. The RF energy heats the deep tissues to remove unwanted fat and tighten the skin. This is done without heating the superficial surface. The heat also induces collagen production to contour and firm up the skin. The precise treatment speeds the healing process.

What Areas Can AGNES RF Treat?

AGNES RF facial contouring can be used on fat tissue in the chin, jowls, and underneath the eyes. It can also be placed deeper in the face for an Agnes Facelift or to lift an eyebrow.

Agnes RF allows you to go below the surface of the skin to either tighten things or reduce fat pockets.

Results and Recovery

The precise application of RF energy in AGNES RF treatment means minimal recovery time is required after the procedure. Minimal bruising, redness, and swelling may occur but will fade in the day or two after treatment. The best results of Agnes RF™ treatment are usually visible a few months after the treatment, when the body’s immune system have completely eliminated the excess fat cells and additional collagen has been produced.

If you’re interested in AGNES RF as a non-surgical face contouring treatment option, contact us today to learn more.