How Much Filler Is Too Much?

Facial and lip fillers are popular injectable treatments that help patients reach their cosmetic goals! Fillers add volume to the face or lips to offset signs of aging and improve the proportions of the face. Effective and minimally-invasive, facial fillers can significantly enhance your appearance without the need for plastic surgery. 

That being said, the amount of filler administered in treatment is crucial. If too much filler is injected, it can migrate to other areas of the face and create a puffy appearance. Here, we’ll discuss the risks of overdoing fillers so that you can use this injectable treatment to your advantage. 

The Risks of Excess Filler

When too much filler is injected into the face, it can cause an imbalanced and artificial appearance. For example, if too much filler is injected into the cheeks, the face can take on an inflated look. This results in an unnaturally puffy appearance from the lower eyelids to the middle of the face. When the right amount of filler is injected into the midface, the result is smooth, lifted cheeks and under-eye area. 

Along with an artificial appearance, excess injection can cause the filler to migrate. This occurs when the filler spreads to other areas that you didn’t necessarily want to volumize. For example, people who receive an excess of lip fillers can end up with a puffy area just above the top lip. 

Excess filler can also stretch the skin in the long run. This is called filler fatigue, and it can contribute to the skin aging process, rather than combat it as facial fillers are supposed to. 

The good news is that excess filler can be dissolved, either partially or totally, to prevent filler fatigue. For the best results, it’s best to do this as early as possible after having the filler injected. 

Getting the Perfect Amount of Filler

If you’re interested in fillers to enhance your appearance, it’s important to work with an experienced doctor. This is the best way to ensure that you receive the right amount of filler for your needs. Dr. Ahad Mahootchi at Florida Face and Body is a board-certified surgeon with over 25 years of experience in cosmetic procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!