How Does VASERLipo Differ From Regular Lipo?

Patients seeking a solution to stubborn excess fat now have more treatment options than ever to consider. With advancements in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery is no longer required to sculpt and shape the body. 

One treatment option is VASERLipo, a versatile treatment that uses ultrasound technology to slim and tighten various areas of the body. Given its name, patients often inquire about the differences between VASERLipo and regular liposuction.  

VASERLipo differs from conventional liposuction in a few key ways:

Ultrasound Technology

Unlike regular liposuction, VASERLipo uses ultrasound technology to gently break up the stubborn fatty tissue, which is then vacuumed away through the same small incision that the ultrasound probes were inserted through. The ultrasound technology leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected while readying the excess fat cells to be removed.

This is unlike regular liposuction, during which the surgeon must continually move the cannula to suction away the desired fat cells. This is a lengthier process that can damage the surrounding tissue, leading to more pain and recovery time. 


With its gentler approach, VASERLipo can be applied to more delicate areas of the body, such as the jowls, chin, and neck. However, it can also be effectively used for larger areas, like the back, buttocks, or thighs. This versatility allows for customized treatments that more closely align with each patient’s vision. 

Speed and Convenience

Since VASERLipo minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissue, it produces less postoperative pain, bruising, and swelling than traditional liposuction. The recovery period is also much shorter, allowing patients to return to work and other activities with less disruption to their normal schedules.  

With VASERLipo, you’ll notice an immediate improvement to the treatment area with a slimmer, more toned appearance. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment, schedule an appointment at Florida Face and Body today!