Get Tighter, More Youthful Skin With Renuvion

Loose, sagging skin can cause your self-esteem to take a major hit. In the past, people had very few options to deal with this cosmetic concern. Plastic surgery involves an invasive procedure with scarring and a lengthy recovery period.

Thankfully, you can now achieve tighter, more youthful skin with Renuvion!

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion J-Plasma is an intraoperative skin-tightening procedure. It involves making a few tiny incisions in the treatment area, then placing a small tube under the skin. The tube releases helium plasma and radiofrequency energy beneath the soft tissue. 

The plasma and radiofrequency energy generate heat that causes the skin to contract, while the extra helium gas cools the skin. This process tightens the skin immediately and causes it to continue tightening over time. As a result, Renuvion effectively treats loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin. 

What Are The Benefits of Renuvion?

Renuvion offers several benefits for patients struggling with signs of aging, including:

  • Small incisions

Renuvion only requires very small incisions. So, it causes little to no scarring. This makes it a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, which causes scarring that can take a long time to heal. 

  • Minimal downtime

Most patients only need three to five days of downtime after Renuvion. This period can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. However, it’s far shorter than the recovery associated with plastic surgery procedures. 

  • Improved results over time

Renuvion makes skin continue tightening over time, leading to better and better results. 

  • May be combined with VASERlipo

Renuvion can be combined with the VASERlipo ultrasound energy treatment for more dramatic skin tightening. VASERlipo stimulates collagen production for a 53% retraction of loose skin. 

To learn more about Renuvion for tighter, more youthful skin, schedule a consultation at Florida Face and Body today!