Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

The natural aging process can rob your breasts of their perky, youthful look. This, along with the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding, can lead to noticeable volume loss in the breasts. 

While conventional breast augmentation with implants can dramatically increase the size of your breasts, many women are wary of the health concerns surrounding implants, including the risk of implant rupture. As a safer, less invasive alternative, patients can consider natural breast augmentation with fat transfer from Florida Face and Body. 

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes excess fat from one area of the body to volumize another area of the body, such as the breasts, buttocks, hands, or even the face. Also referred to as fat grafting or fat injection, this treatment method can noticeably improve the appearance of areas that are lacking volume. 

The Fat Transfer Treatment Process

To complete a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer, your provider will first create very small incisions in the area with fat to be removed. Patients often choose the thighs, abdomen, or love handles to have fat extracted from. A cannula is inserted into the incisions and the excess fat is gently removed.

Next, the extracted fat is purified and separated into differently-sized particles. The size of the particles is based on how much volume, bounce, and relative softness are required for the treatment area. However, in many cases, three different particle sizes are developed, including Milli, Micro, and Nano fat, which is the smallest particle size. 

Your provider can then inject the purified fat into the breasts to give them plumper, rejuvenated appearance. This treatment process entirely omits foreign chemicals and implants, making it a safe option for patients looking to enhance the appearance of their breasts. 

To learn if you’re a candidate for a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer, schedule an appointment at Florida Face and Body today.