Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

If you’re tired of unwanted hair returning just days (or even hours) after shaving, you may be interested in laser hair removal. This hair removal method is lauded as a long-lasting alternative to shaving and waxing. But, how long does laser hair removal truly last?

In this article, we’ll answer this common question and explain what you can expect from laser hair removal. 

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal can last for several months, years, or may even be permanent. It all comes down to how many treatment sessions you undergo, and the results can vary from patient to patient. 

During laser hair removal, laser energy is targeted at unwanted hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light energy, which converts it into heat and damages the hair follicles. This prevents hair growth, going a step further than simply removing the existing hair, like shaving and waxing. 

For permanent results from laser hair removal, it’s crucial to treat all of the unwanted hairs in the anagen growth phase. This is the active phase during which the hair follicle begins to produce hair fiber. 

It typically takes six to eight laser hair removal sessions for long-lasting results. Many patients achieve permanent hair removal from this series, and any hair that grows back is typically thinner and lighter. If you do experience regrowth after laser hair removal, you can return for a touch-up session. 

Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can be used for virtually any area of the body, including the arms, legs, bikini line, and face. This hair removal method is safe for any area of the body, so the treatment can be tailored to your needs. 

At Florida Face & Body, we provide laser hair removal as a long-lasting option for patients looking to get rid of unwanted hair. Schedule a consultation today to get started!