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Five years ago, I had a complete facelift by a plastic surgeon in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. I ended up with very noticable scarring, drooping eyelids and fat transfer in my cheeks instead of to my temple area. I knew that nothing could be done about the terrible scarring but started looking to repair my drooping eyelids. I contacted Dr. Mahootchie, a well known eye surgeon in Zephyrhills, Florida. I was happily surprised by Dr. Mahootchi’s confidence and willingness to perform a Canthopexy. I scheduled my surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results. While the outcome is very subtle, which is what I chose, it’s made all the difference to me. I was awake and very comfy during the procedure which allowed me to choose my eye shape. It was actually sort of fun!

Dr. Mahootchi and all of the nurses and attendants took great, great care to make sure that my eyes looked like I wanted them to look and that they matched. I also opted for injection of a few syringes of Sculptra and PRP to several areas of my face. I was from out of town and Anna and the entire staff were so accommodating! They even set up a recliner and blankets for me to watch tv as I recovered. I was driven right next door to a hotel to spend the night as I was not allowed to drive home. It was a very nice room. The entire surgery and after care was superb. I recommend Dr. Mahootchi, his nurse, Anna and the entire staff for any eye surgery.