Jeff Foote

I believe most people will judge a doctor not just by how well he does and his demeanor but also and foremost by his staff when they are first greeted. I can say that Dr Mahootchi’s staff is quite amazing! Everyone has always been so very nice and professional and respectful. Meeting the doctor for the first time he was very receptive, open, and genuine. He asked questions but even more importantly he really listened when I answered. My lower eyelid kept turning in, entropion, and my upper lids were drooping to the point where I was losing peripheral vision. Surgery was the necessary option. Once again, the surgical staff or just as amazing as the office staff! Being treated with dignity, kindness, and patience seems like a rarity these days but I do firmly believe that their motto has to be treat others as you would want to be treated yourself because they are quite simply amazing people. Dr Mahootchi was absolutely wonderful!