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Are your under eyes giving you a constant tired appearance? Fat pad repositioning at Florida Face and Body allows for the removal of fat tissue in areas that appear puffy or baggy without eliminating precious volume in the skin. The fat tissue is preserved and repurposed to benefit the patient’s appearance.

The removal of fat tissue in lower blepharoplasty can lead to a hollow appearance in the eyes and counteract the procedure’s improvement of signs of aging. To retain the necessary volume in the under-eye area, fat pad repositioning can be performed. With fat pad repositioning, it’s possible to fill in hollow sections below the eye (upper cheek) with repositioned fat from the patient. 

Top Benefits of Fat Pad Repositioning

Best Candidates for Fat Pad Repositioning

  • Lost volume in the skin around the eyes
  • Eyes with a hollowed appearance
  • Patients receiving lower blepharoplasty

Procedure Details

With fat pad repositioning, the fat pads in the lower eyelid are repositioned to the tear trough. The result is similar to that of a dermal filler, with which the skin appears less baggy and healthier. However, unlike dermal fillers, the result is achieved with the patient’s fat tissue, not a foreign substance. Additionally, the repositioned fat tissue won’t fade away over time, as dermal fillers do. This allows for long-lasting results after fat pad repositioning. 

Fat pad repositioning is performed by Dr. Mahootchi and staff at our cutting-edge surgery center in the Tampa Bay area. This procedure is generally done at the same time as lower lid blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the eye area and improve signs of aging. 

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